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    You have questions concerning the operation of your machines?
    At the b. m. hotline number our skilled service technicians will competently reply to questions about the operation and functionality of your machines.

    We will be there for you:
    Service-Hotline:   +49 6733 9470-400
    Monday - Friday:  7.00am - 10.00pm (CET)
    Saturday:             7.00am - 12.00am (CET)


    For services purposes, a telemaintenance connection is included in the control system of our machines.
    Our service technician can therefore check the current situation of your machine online and assist you, if necessary.

    Local Service

    You need assistance with the commissioning of our machines?
    Are you facing a new challenge on your existing machines?
    Our service technicians are pleased to support you locally - worldwide. Please contact us!

    Spare Part-Service

    Our after-sales team will gladly advise you on the technical details and availability of spare and wearing parts and organise the delivery in due time - worldwide.

    Training and Instructions

    Daily working on the machine requires know-how on its technical features.
    During trainings by our technicians, the menu structure and functionality of our machines are being skilled. Besides the normal handling it is also important to know how to change format parts and how to set new formats. Another significant point is the handling of our automatic cleaning and sterilization in place (autoCIP and autoSIP).